21 Feb 2013

British Columbia
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Mike's Profile

21 Feb 2013

I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Circumstance and timing dictated otherwise. The first call-up came while nursing a broken femur after bouncing off a tree in an otherwise uneventful ski race. The second call to duty occurred while incommunicado in war torn Beirut. The third call never came, so I pursued a life of adventure.

As a world traveler, I've experienced many adventures, some foolish, others challenging, but all rewarding. Along the way, often accompanied by incredibly talented athletes, I skied, surfed, swam, kited, kayaked, rafted, hiked, biked, bungeed, climbed, dropped into crevasses, raced cars and flew in fighter jets. So, hosting an Adventure Show is a pretty good fit for one whose skill set evolved from a life at play. Truthfully, it's likely the only real job I'm qualified for.

While continuing to pursue personal adventures, I'm fortunate and honored to promote others, whose talent and achievement far exceeds my own. Each Adventure Show guest is "worlds best" in their category. Their stories of courage and perseverance inspire, educate and entertain.

Doug Scott has tagged 50 Himalayan peaks, many as first ascents, including Everest's south west face. Experienced climbers know bagging Everest's peak is only half the challenge. After a mind numbing 36hr summit push, getting back safely is the real test. Scott, summiting late, was forced to bivouac overnight, without oxygen, tent or food at 8,500m. His achievement, another first, is one of mountaineering's great stories.

Dave Villwock, seriously injured in a 200mph blow-over piloting "Miss Budweiser", returns to achieve the best win record in sport. Jamie Pierre successfully skis off a 255' cliff face. Dan Moore surfs a 72 foot wave known as "Jaws". John Daly drives the ball 200yrds straight down the fairway with his putter. Real stories. Real Adventure.

I hope you will join us on our weekly quest to deliver the world's best in four categories. Athletes (all disciplines). Science of Sport (leading experts talk human performance). Gear (featuring the latest innovations from the best manufacturers). Destinations (fly a MiG, race a Formula1 car or swim with sharks).

I leave with these thoughts. "The greatest risk is never taking one. Fail and you're one step closer to greatness. Respect fear, then push it aside. Pursue your dreams with passion and purpose. Never give up the quest. Enjoy the journey. Smile. Be kind, courageous and true. See the good in all and you'll Live Life Large".



31 Dec 2010

About the Show

21 Feb 2013

Covering the world of adventure as a seasoned radio, television and newspaper personality, Mike Falcon brings a wealth of contacts, knowledge & expertise to the Adventure Show. His passion for the adventure lifestyle brings out the best in each guest and rewards listeners with inspirational, educational and entertaining insights.

We start the show with the personalities segment. Profiling the world's best adventure personalities and traditional athletes with an adventurous edge, the Adventure Show connects with the active urban lifestyle enthusiasts. Every personality interviewed is a world champion or has significantly raised the level of achievement within their sport or discipline. We profile every adventure sport and more, and the very best personalities in the world!

After the personalities, we profile the latest in adventure gear, often before it hits your local retailer. Working with the world's leading suppliers, we talk to designers, engineers and athletes keeping our audience informed on everything from sleeping bags, tents, rods, reels and stoves to avalanche beacons, skis, footwear and electronics.

Get the latest in human performance information and apply it to your weekend training. Professional coaches, trainers, doctors, psychologists, scientists and nutritionists provide educational insights into the leading edge of performance.

We wrap the Show with exotic destinations and dream adventures. We interview the key people that run the places, adventures, and competitions that adventure sports enthusiasts dream about. Experience the very best in global adventures with the Adventure Show.